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1.Mother's Rejuvenation Escape - $55 (originally $65)

Description: Perfect for moms needing a quick yet refreshing break.

Services Included: 30-minute Massage with Hot Stone Foot Massage.

Duration: 30 minutes.


2. Serenity Now - $100 (originally $120)

Description: A serene and holistic experience to soothe body and mind.

Services Included: 60-minute Aromatherapy Massage followed by a Sugar Scrub for Feet.

Duration: 75 minutes.


3.Mom’s Time-Out - $135 (originally $155)

Description: Ideal for busy moms to unwind and enjoy some personal time.

Services Included: 60-minute Massage of choice, 30-minute Facial Sculpting Massage, followed by a Hand Paraffin Dip.

Duration: 90 minutes.


4.Ultimate Relaxation Package - $140 (originally $160)

Description: A comprehensive package for deep relaxation and pampering.

Services Included: 90-minute Full Body Massage followed by a Sugar Scrub for Feet and a Hot Stone Foot Add-On.

Duration: 105 minutes.


5.Mother-Daughter Delight - $90 each (originally $100 each)

Description: A delightful bonding experience for mothers and daughters.

Services Included: 60-minute massages for both mother and daughter, choice of Foot Sugar Scrub or Hot Stone Foot Massage.

Duration: 60 minutes each.

(For Mother-Daughter Delight please book each massage under a different therapist but for the same time to ensure you enjoy your treatments together. Contact our staff for assistance with booking and to ensure a perfectly coordinated experience.)

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