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Minxi P

As a dedicated working mother and lead massage therapist, Minxi understands the critical importance of self-care for overall health and well-being. Believing that caring for oneself is essential to effectively support others, she founded her own massage therapy practice. This venture allows her to deliver personalized, high-quality massage services beyond the constraints of corporate settings. Her offerings include Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Cupping, Acupressure, Prenatal, Swedish, Thai Massage, and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

Minxi's expertise is rooted in the rich traditions of Chinese massage techniques, enhanced by formal training received in China. She excels in alleviating pain and tension caused by tight fasciae and muscles, consistently achieving remarkable results that are highly valued by her clients. With over a decade of experience, Minxi not only leads her practice but actively contributes to the professional growth of her team by providing extensive training. This ensures that all therapists under her guidance meet the high standards necessary to address and satisfy diverse client needs effectively.

Her commitment to excellence and passion for massage therapy is evident in every session she conducts, making her practice a sanctuary for those seeking relief from the stresses of daily life. Under Minxi's leadership, clients can trust that they are receiving care from top-tier therapists, all trained to uphold the quality and efficacy she is known for.

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